About Us

Giving Saves is a 501c3, non-profit founded in 2013 after Kathleen Bowen, an RN working with medical teams in Haiti, had the pleasure of meeting Xavier Renel, a local artist. She noted, over two years’ time, that he was teaching street children in his area at a local resort. He also had a school in Montrouis, Haiti that he called the “Alternative Art Studio.” Xavier now rents a home and runs a small orphanage, which opened in 2010, for 20 children. He has been coordinating their school and art education with the help of Giving Saves for the last nine years via trading their paintings for donations, as well as monetary donations which Kathleen hand-carries to Haiti or sends via Western Union. Hopefully these actions and opportunities allow these children to obtain a decent education while also learning a life skill—which may help them survive in a country where there is over 60 percent unemployment.

Helping with the children in Haiti has been a positive experience in that ten of the children are still being supported and have advanced each year to the next grade. We have also had two successfully complete high school and one that has almost finished but opted to go to "Hotelier School" and has completed this course. Our income has not allowed us to support the other ten children that were in an outreach group. However, they often are able to attend a painting class and observe. Four artists teach the children and also help with care taking and school transportation. The artists use real oil and acrylic paints, and their paintings are varied in subject and technique. Each year, Kathleen travels to the orphanage in the spring and fall to collect receipts for the school and its supplies. She also provides a medical team annually to examine the children and those associated with the home.

It has been a blessed journey for Giving Saves, having found other opportunities to serve our fellow man, as we have been able to help support volunteer groups going to not only Haiti, but also to Los Robles, Guatemala and our very own Wendover, Utah. Giving Saves continues to pursue venues for giving and boasts a <5 percent overhead, as all our board members and assistants are volunteers, allowing us to give funds directly to those that need them.

Mission Statement:

To raise funds and coordinate activities that will allow a person’s basic nutritional, health and educational needs to be met—concentrating on the underprivileged in third world countries. The initial focus would start with support of the newly organized Work of Art Orphanage in Montrouis, Haiti.

Our Vision

To lessen the burdens of inequality by GIVING relief to the underprivileged; providing funding for their basic needs.